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Volunteers at BASS often engage in activities such as providing educational support, healthcare services, skill development programs, and advocating for the rights of tribal communities.

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Fundraising for organizations like Bhartiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh (BASS) typically involves various methods to gather financial support for their programs and initiatives aimed at tribal community welfare.

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Donations to support organizations like Bhartiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh (BASS) can significantly impact their efforts in uplifting tribal communities.

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Bharatiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh

The foundation of umbrella organization for the welfare and development of tribal communities in different parts of the country was laid in the first conference of Adivasi Workers held on 24th April 1945 under the auspices Bhil Sewa Mandal Dahod, Gujrat, one of the pioneer institution started by Shri A.V. Thakkar (Thakkar Bappa). In this conference Shri Thakkar Bappa said, “It is gratifying to note that today many patriotic youths have come forward for the service of the Adivasis in the Jungle areas and further many institutions have been started in the country for work among the Adivasis. I think that it is the high time that the workers of the different institutions come together and compare notes and consider whether these institutions should not have their work coordinated. I am not in favour of All India organization immediately. I would prefer that the workers in the western part of India should ombine together in to an organization. I am trying to have such organisations formed in Madras, Bihar, Orissa and Assam and other Provinces of the country. I would then think of starting an All India organization.” Many such organisations have been set up during the Gandhian era at the inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi, who had included welfare of the tribals in the list of constructive activities. The Western India Adivasi Federation (Pashchim Hind Sevak Sangh) was started as a result of the deliberations at the first conference referred above. At the second conference held under the auspices of the Federation and skeleton of the Five Years Plan for the welfare of the Aborigines of the Bombay Province was drawn up by a Committee convened by Shri L.M. Shrikant, General Secretary of the Federation and submitted to the Chief Minister of Bombay state on 29th June 1946. It was in the year 1948, that Dr. Rajendra Prasad was approached to accept the Presidentship of an All India Organisation, which is now known as Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh. A Conference was called by late Shri Thakkar Bappa on 24th and 25th October 1948 at Delhi where 37 social workers and anthropologists gathered together and after deliberations for 2 days resolved to constitute Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh with Dr. Rajendra Prasad as the president, Shri Thakkar Bappa as the Vice President and Shri L.M. Shrikant as the Secretary. The Sangh’s work was carried on with the help of staff of Harijan Sevak Sangh up to 1949 when the separate office was opened with minimum staff and put under the charges of Shri D. Rangaiya as the Working Secretary.
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Short Stay Homes (SSH)

The programme has been useful for such girls and women who are in distress. Such homes always play a catalytic role to rehabilitation of such women/girls and assisted them with the essential livelihood alternative.

Short Stay Homes (SSH)

The programme has been useful for such girls and women who are in distress. Such homes always play a catalytic role to rehabilitation of such women/girls and assisted them with the essential livelihood alternative.

Hostels for Tribal Girls/Boys

Education always compounds the stronger alternative of development. To promote the education amongst the faraway and isolated tribes, the programme has played a significant role.

Educational Complexes

To check the drop out ratio and to encourage the girls to complete the education the programme is proving beneficial.

Destitute Homes

Such homes always offer a rare opportunity for the girls/boys to lead an independent-prosperous life.

Computer Training Centre

In the present era of Information technology, there are certain institutions which are committed to upgrade the potential tribal girls by enabling IT skill sets in them.

Women Helpline Center

Bharatiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh, Vidarbha, Nagpur(Maharashtra) has been conducting women helpline centre for women and girls in distress at Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Creche' Centres

The programme is proved extremely beneficial for the children of the tribal communities in isolated hamlets and provided them with a better caring environ.



Activities in Heritage Building of BAJSS in The Memory of Thakkar Bapa

Bhartiye Adim Jati Sewak Sangh operates hostels providing accommodations for indigenous communities, fostering community, education, and cultural exchange, promoting inclusivity and empowerment through communal living and support.

Hostels of BAJSS

Bhartiye Adim Jati Sewak Sangh runs Nasha Mukti Kendra aiding addiction recovery with holistic programs, counseling, and vocational training. It focuses on rehabilitating individuals, predominantly from marginalized communities, fostering recovery, and societal reintegration.

Nasha Mukti Kendra

The Bhartiye Adim Jati Sewak Sangh operates an old age home providing care, shelter, and support for elderly members of indigenous communities. Their facility offers a nurturing environment, medical assistance, and companionship, fostering dignity and respect for the elderly.

Old Age Home

Bharatiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh


BAJSS has established several branches in the states which have thick tribal population. To offer intrinsic humanitarian services ..


Since its inception in 1948, Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh has committed to the all-round and all-inclusive development...

Social Outreach

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Beyond curriculum

Envisioneer user friendly supply chains and cross unit imperative. Authoritativel fabricate and holistic.

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Bharatiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh

Life Membership Cadre

A cadre of life members and workers was established on 30th January 1958 and was blessed by Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Pt. G.B. Pant. Field Workers, who dedicated 20 years of their life to the service of the Adivasis in different tribal areas in India were listed and enrolled as life members with meagre honorarium to mee their bare minimum expenses. The scheme began with 16 life members and at present there are 21 life members out of 3 members are passed away and 18 Life Workers during the year 2021 - 2022.

Bharatiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh

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