Being as a spearheading Implementing Agency for several welfare programmes of Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. Of India, BAJSS has skillfully fulfilled its role as a prominent Mother Institution of the country. Farther, the expert cadre of BAJSS has skillfully woven the intrinsic network of the institutions across the entire country. BAJSS has established several key branches in the states like Odisha and Maharashtra, amongst the others, to efficiently coordinate the various welfare programmes for the tribes. Besides, the mother institution has further extended the collaboration with the devoted like-minded institutions (Affiliated and recognized) and has remarkably synchronized the multi-dimensional tasks.


BAJSS has established several branches in the states which have thick tribal population. To offer intrinsic humanitarian services to the tribes residing in adverse conditions in faraway vicinities the Branches has proven the expertise over the countless occasions.

Affiliated and Recognized Institution

Under the auspices of BAJSS, the noble institutions (affiliated/recognized) have always contributed resourcefully towards the noble cause of radical uplift of the tribes. Till date the institutions are bound to donate their invaluable share to attain the motive.